non gmo vegan marshmallows , a camping we will go !!

100086vegan non gmo marshmallows The contents of a regular marshmallow is full on disgusting !!! I simply loathe KRAFT , they pump out processed chemical filled gmo crap and pretend its food , and those of us who know no better give it to our children . I hate to be that parent who says no to smores and treats so i find my way around it usually , with a healthier alternative , always no to gmo . We have been loving camping this summer and who dosent love that campfire smell , all those sensory things that say we are havin a good time , cold feet , veggie bacon and maple syrup , damp clothes and MARSHMALLOWS . We have been enjoying dandies brand , NON GMO PRAISE THE LORD , vegan so no boiled animal parts in our smores. They rock , they do everything a marshmallow is hired to do , melt , catch fire , be gooey and they also make fantastic rice crispie squares (we only use natures path crispy rice cereal ) We give them a clear 10 , little girls loved them , and logger man romantically toasted one to perfection for me as a loving gesture , he knows what i like !

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